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Dr. Tim Karachi
Associate Professor * Critical Care Physician * Executive Coach

As an experienced Critical Care Physician, I understand how difficult illness can be on patients and families, but also on health care providers. Health professionals are experiencing unprecedented levels of emotional exhaustion, stress and diminished professional achievement. Many of us feel stuck in this cycle of burnout but you can find your way back to resilience and growth.

As a Master Certified Physician Development Coach, I’m passionate about the personal and professional development of physicians and health care leaders.

My Journey

Becoming a professional coach started with supervising medical students and resident doctors. This is how I learned to be an effective advisor, role model, mentor and sponsor. There were times that I was advisor, giving information based on some expertise or personal experience. I was a role model demonstrating through my actions and behaviours, and at times being a mentor sharing knowledge from living through similar experiences. As a sponsor, I facilitated networking for training physicians by sharing connections, being an advocate and supporting them in their goals.

As a leader, I had a coach assigned to me through a leadership program. This experience helped me understand that a coach is different from those other roles. Coaching starts with listening and being curious to ask thought-provoking questions. For me, being a coach is how I can support others to reach their potential, achieve their goals, and experience fulfilment in their life and their work.

Executive Coaching for Physicians

Working together with clients to explore many areas in life and work. You will be empowered to set clear performance goals that align with your values. We will explore strategies to improve communication through emotional intelligence, teamwork, and leadership skills for change. Coaching can help you thrive, become more engaged and have a positive impact on your well-being.

Some of the topics covered in my program will include:

  • Unlocking untapped potential
  • Professional development
  • Discovering personal growth
  • Finding life balance and fulfilment
  • Career satisfaction & expansion
  • Better time energy management

My Philosophy

My coaching philosophy centers on empowering individuals to lead teams with resilience and positivity. When I work with clients, my aim is to share 3 wisdoms to carry forward, and they are as follows.

1. You have what it takes

Self-confidence – client is whole; they are capable & resourceful; they have the abilities, skills and strengths to meet their goals and complete tasks fully & completely

2. You’re not alone

Sense of community – they are not alone; they are part of a network; they have a family at home AND at work

3. There is power in your positivity

Positivity – there is power in the psychology of positivity; as leaders, this positivity can shine through in meetings, with projects or patient care; being deliberate with a positive attitude can be contagious and radiate to others

My Experience & Training

I bring a wealth of experience to the table. I can relate to many of the roles you have in your career.

  • Professional Coach focusing on physicians and health care leaders
  • Clinician with experience in Critical Care, Internal Medicine & Respirology (aka Pulmonology)
  • Educator with formal training, and recognized by peers and learners with teaching awards
  • Research collaborator with numerous publications and several RCTs as a co-investigator
  • Administrator with extensive experience at my hospital and university

I feel like I can be a sherpa to many different physician types given my clinical, administrative and educational experience. Most importantly, I’m dedicated to my clients!

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Your life is a long journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn and experiences to enjoy.”

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